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11-12-2019 6:19:15 am

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Xtfunctions in Xtscript

# Xt functions can be printed out
print <xt:get_device_template /><br />
# Xt functions can be read into variables
assign $country=<xt:country type="1" />
#They can be constructed with variables
assign $xtf=browser detail="4"
assign $browser=<xt:$xtf />
# the content of a file can be included in to a variable
assign $included = <xt:include file="/manual/basics/examples/included"/>
# widgets are parsed after Xtscript so cannot be read into variables
#but they can be constructed for output
assign $w = flickr_random_photo
print $country<br />$browser<br /><xt:widget id="$w"/><br/>$included<br />


This file has been included in to a variable