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24-07-2024 7:55:11 am

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Question-How to use 2 versions of the same software simultaneously?
ANSWER-Its very easy! Taking the eg. of OPERA, purpose you have OPERA 8.5 and would also like to use OPERA 8.65 so start downloading 8.65. During that time in to your filename E:/system/apps. Now go to your folder OPERA and remand it with say OPERA1 you have done it. Now when you want to use again use OPERA 8.5 again remand it back to OPERA. And veryIMPORTANT-please remand OPERA 8.65 to any other name!
»QUESTION-How to format phone memory?
ANSWER-to format phone memory all you have to do this go to main screen and type *#7370# the phone will show a message press yes your phone will restart.NOTE-THIS CODE WORKS ONLY IN S60 NOKIA PHONES
»QUESTION-Unable to send jar and sis files?
ANSWER-Many of us must be facing this & I have the solution 4 it. Now, before sending the files go to the fileman or fex plorer, operations and rename. Here, 4 sis files just delete the last r. Now you can send the file 2 any mobile which has file name or fexplorer. Now, when the file is recieved, again go to the fileman & rename it again adding an s or r to your sis or jar file!
QUESTION-Volume is too low in my hendset while listening to MP3 songs?
ANSWER-Normally the sound in your hendset is not loud enough. So try this go to your enhancement settings. You will find that the selected enhancement is headset. So change it to loopset.
This trick has successfully in NOKIA 6600, 6630, 761 & N70
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